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After Opatija, Rab has traditionally been one of the most popular vacation spots and wellness oasis in the north Adriatic.

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The island Rab is a part of the Kvarner archipelags region, one of the most popular and prettiest islands on the Adriatic, with the town as beautiful as Dubrovnik and the green woods as on Mljet... After Opatija, this was one of the most popular vacation spots and wellness oasis in the north Adriatic. Already at the 1889, Rab was declared by the austrian local council as the sea bath and spa resort. The british king Edward the VIII and american Lady Wallis Simpson gave a new impetus to Rab tourism on their Medditeraine tour in 1936. Both admired at the cute old medieval town with the four belfries and swum nude thus starting a new epoch of naturism.

Situated in the north, in Kvarner bay, island of Rab is a delightful mixture of old town and beautiful bays, drawing visitors year after year. Rab is a perfect destination for leasure holidays whether you need a short break- away or a proper vacation.

Rab is rich in cultural heritage and full of mediterranean spirit, admired not only for the beauty of the four bell towers, the landmarks of the town Rab but also for the facinating diversity of its natural resources on a very small space; from the moon-like stone desert facing the mainland to the rich oak woods, cristal bays, sandy beaches, fertile valleys and hills... Island Rab has around 2600 suns hours per year and winters also are friendly here with temperatures inbetween 8-10C. Mild winter days with plenty of sun are common, making this a good choice for Christmas/ New Years break or a get-away when you just had enough and want some piece and quiet to recover..

Same named town of Rab is situated on a narrow portion of land creating a special panorama of a sailing ship with 4 beautiful bell towers attracts numerous visitors. The town of Rab is truely a treasure of this island. Numerous Gothic and Renaissance palaces, churches and the belltowers, roman town walls, old streets and a loggia make a special atmosphere re to enjoy. Along with the city of Rab, the island has seven idyllic villages: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga, and Lopar.
In every one of these little villages you can come across beautiful seaside, beaches and walks and plenty of accommodation facilities such as apartments and rooms. CNN has listed Sahara beach as the best beach for nudists worldwide!

The island Rab prides itself in rich cultural heritage and cultural-historical monuments. For example, the old town in the city Rab is very well preserved and authentic with the rare preserved romanesque monumental architecture. Some of its cultural and historical monuments are among the very important and beautiful architectual monuments auch as the church and bell tower of St. Maria, the closter and church of St. Andrew, the City lodge and the Palace of Nimira, to name the few.